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The world’s most successful marketers and entrepreneurs understand the MASSIVE value of ‘modelling’ successful marketing campaigns and flat-out copying what works. No more scratching your head, trying to figure out how to sell products to your email list – instead just copy, paste and deploy these complete email marketing Toolkit. These exact campaigns are directly responsible for millions of dollars in sales in our business, and millions more for our clients, friends and partners. That’s why today, we want to give you…

Most beginners don’t have an email marketing plan. And they often use this as an excuse as to why they’re not making any money from email marketing. Over the years we have attended many internet marketing seminars and workshops. When I get talking to people on breaks it always amazes me how many times I hear the phrase “But I don’t have an email marketing plan”

It’s worth remembering that…

“Nobody Has A Plan To Begin With, Everybody Has To Start From Scratch”

Most people that have a list use it to send out promotions to their subscribers. Usually, these promotions are rather haphazard and unordered.

Basically, they find a bunch of products that they believe their subscribers will buy and blindly add a promotion for each one to their list. The list then sends out the promotions one after the other, completely automatically. When a subscriber buys a product, the list owner makes money.

This is what 99% of list owners do.

It might sound like a great way to make money. But with an understanding of email psychology, and a little bit of planning, you can set up your email marketing plan so that it makes BIG MONEY.

Your goal is to turn your subscriber into a customer as quickly as possible.

The trick is to start small and build trust…

A perfect email marketing strategy is the most valuable and profitable asset you can build. But don’t take my word for it, this is what some of the worlds top entrepreneurs have to say about email marketing. Email marketing is one of the most reliable ways to improve audience engagement for a business or even for a blog. Unfortunately, the wrong techniques and junk approach make the whole process useless for some business owners. It needs a proper strategy and well-developed plan and here we are coming with our email marketing ebook bundle. You can get a lot of benefits from this bundle like our 1000+ users.

This is NOT a book about only email marketing. 

You know email marketing works, you know how to write subject lines and you know that you should be segmenting and all that good stuff.

But all of us find it tricky to come up with new angle to promote our next product or affiliate offer, right?

The right sequence of emails with the right ‘angle’ means the difference between selling some product and selling heaps of them.

The key is that the campaign itself cuts through the noise, is fascinating and so compelling that people not only pay attention, but they take action (and we all know that means they buy your stuff).

Rather than just sending sporadic emails, these are strategically crafted campaigns where each email moves each subscriber closer to a sale…

…without coming across as pushy, needy or ‘sales-y’.

What you’re getting is email marketing toolkit that makes sure your email marketing is never ignored, builds huge excitement for your product – while at the same time makes your list like you more (because the campaigns are fun instead of hard-sell pushy).

These are the exact campaigns that have generated millions of dollars in revenue from our email lists, despite NOT having the biggest list on the planet.

Fortunately, the size really doesn’t matter.

And, YES, you’re getting all 104 emails inside this book…so you don’t need to think, you don’t need to create – you can copy, paste, fill-in-the-blanks and watch your sales go bezerk

When it comes to email marketing, size really doesn’t matter.

List building is getting more difficult and more expensive by the day, so we need all of the help we can get!

And having a huge list isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Delivery is more difficult, hosting is more expensive, engagement is lower…

That’s why these campaigns are designed to be used (and profitable), whether you have a tiny micro-list of less than 100 subscribers or over 1million raving fans.

Even if you’re just starting out, these are the campaigns you need to have in place from Day 01.

Every single month (or whenever you feel like it!) you can simply hurl open the Game Plan to any campaign that you want and use it, pretty much exactly as it is.

Just need to fill in a few short blanks to suit your niche/audience and then copy and paste your way to profit.

You can use this to sell more of your own products/services OR you can promote affiliate offers, where you just get paid a commission.

These campaigns have been designed to stack curiosity, intrigue and desire… to create compelling sales machines that get maximum engagement, opens, clicks and sales – every time.

What would it mean to you, if you could generate thousands of dollars in additional sales, just by adding these to your toolbox?

How would it change things for you, if you could cut down the hours of hard work, thinking and learning to become a successful email marketer?

What difference would it make in your life if you had the exact recipes for the most successful email campaigns that you have ever run?

You can invest today 100% risk-free and with total confidence because we are offering you a 60 day unconditional money back guarantee. No questions asked. If you decide, for whatever reason, that email template ebooks are not for you then just let us know and we will refund every penny with a smile.

Some reviews from our clients

104 Mail Marketing’s Email marketing bundle ebooks help me a lot to modify my email marketing strategy. It gives more engagement and more sales.

“Guys – this is an amazing resource for making more sales with email! You NEED to make this available as a product, because this will change the game for anyone interested in email marketing!”                                        Janet Murray

“Wow, I have just finished reading the book, and I am so excited. Each of these campaigns could easily add 6-figures to your business!!!””

“I can’t say enough good things about 104 Mail marketing ebook! Before this bundle I was frustrated with my email marketing was. But now it has a different level. “

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